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Tangaloor Dancing in the Dark
Morgandell Black Sails

Born April 27, 2020

Week 4

Special Guest Appearance by

NYT Bestselling Author Patricia Briggs, who also loves puppies :-)


Tangaloor Wild Sign

IM Red Brindle Female, Yellow collar

Week 4


Tangaloor Burn Bright

Mahogany Brindle with Trim Female, Pink collar


Week 4

This little girl had some extra ideas and critques for Patty's series, from a more canine point of view. Patty was very attentive to all her thoughts :-) It was quite the literary exchange.

Tangaloor Dead Heat

Black brindle with Trim Female, Green Collar


Week 4


Morgandell Black Sails
Morgandell Tchaikovsky
Allagante Aragorn Elessar
Windspirit Apache Allagante
Kristull Dabisha
Morgandell Clara Bow
Kohana I M Aidan
Kumbaya Kilauea Morgandell
Kohana I M Kyla
Lagniappe TiCayenne Cool Run
Kristull Dante by Cool Run
Kristull Lagniappe Rapunzel
HMS Kohanas Princess Alexandra
Windspirit Banderas By Cool Run
Pickle Hills Huntress
Tangaloor Dancing in the Dark
Broadway's King of New York
Kohana's Traces of Autumn
Morgandell Kohana Keaton
HMS Kohanas Princess Alexandra
Winsome Broadway's Goldikova
Lagniappe TiCayenne Cool Run
Allagante Hot Tamale
Satsuma Modern Love
Tangaloor Bushwacked
ISWS, UKC, ICKC Ch Tangaloor Alamogordo
Tangaloor Boys on the Side, CGC
Renaissance Satsuma on Ice
Renaissance Intrepid Lover
Renaissance Knight Music


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