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Tangaloor Thirty-Three
Tangaloor Champagne Supernova

Born March 8, 2019

Week 8


Tangaloor Touched by an Angel

Black female with trim, red collar

Mdr1 Carrier

Week Eight

**Moved to Oregon**


Tangaloor Behind the Mask

Fawn Brindle Male, Green Collar

Mdr1 Clear

Week Eight


**Moved to Southern California**

Tangaloor Dances with With Wolves

Spotted Fawn Female, Blue Collar

Mdr1 Clear

Week Eight

**Remaining at Tangaloor**

Tangaloor Independence Day

Fawn Brindle Male, Purple Collar

Mdr1 Clear

Week Eight

**Moved to Florida**

Tangaloor Crazy Like a Fox

Black with trim Female, White Collar

Mdr1 Clear

Week Eight

**Moved to Arizona**



Tangaloor Champagne Supernova
ISWS, UKC, ICKC Ch Tangaloor Alamogordo
Tangaloor Raincoast Salish
Kristull Irish Ash
Kristull Egyptian Beauty
Kristull Yasera
Kristull Beloved
Kristull Cricket
Kristull Oasis Tangaloor
Renaissance Blazing Kristull
Kristull Otherworld Blue
Renaissance Mariah
Ricmar Kristull Blu Persuasion
Firebird's Merlin Falcon
Kristull Milagra of Ricmar
Tangaloor Thirty-Three
ISWS, ICKC, UKC Ch Tangaloor Tumbling Mirth, CGC
ISWS, NAKC Ch Tangaloor Unusual Suspect, CGC
Kristull Quantico Tangaloor, CGC
Kristull Z-Mystery
ISWS, NAKC Ch Gryffyn's Fire Woman, CGC
Kristull Ivanhoe
Kristull Jumpin' Jehosephat
Tangaloor Nothing But Trouble
ISWS, ICKC Ch. BIS Tangaloor King Leonidas of Sparta
Kristull Gryffyn X-Canto, CGC
BISS Talisman's Scythian Huntress, CGC
ISWS, ICKC Ch. Tangaloor Maralinga, CGC
Tangaloor Raincoast Salish
Kristull Yasera



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