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Tangaloor Silken Windhound Breedings

Breeding Silken Windhounds, while it is a hobby, it is never to be taken lightly. I do not breed a lot of litters at any given time. I want to make sure that I have ample time to spend with my puppies to produce the best possible puppies to be companions and loved family members.

Tentative Tangaloor Litters for 2021

Planned litters!


PLEASE NOTE: I’ve received a lot of puppy applications recently and I haven’t had time to respond to folks so I thought I’d start here. With a lot of personal and family issues right now my breeding plans are minimal. I hope that I will have more time in the near future but right now I have a full plate. I hope that I will be able to engage with folks on this page with updates or news but for right now most breeding is on hold. Below are the breeding I hope to be able to bring to fruition in 2021/2022, assuming things return to more normal. Thanks for understanding and I hope 2021 is kinder to us all.


Tangaloor Caladan Typhoon

Due 12/29/2020


Satsuma Mysterious Ways



Dar Morev's The Firey Cross



Tangaloor Champagne Supernova



Tangaloor The Price of Gold



Wyndolyn Silver Fox



Morgandell Black Sails






I, as the breeder have the right to pick which Silken Windhound I wish to keep, if any, and after that choice goes to the first person on the reservation list. I also have the right to decide the status of the Silken Windhound puppies as far as pet vs show vs breeding, etc. Any Silken Windhound puppy sold as pet quality must be spayed or neutered, at the new owners expense, prior to its first birthday. I allow that much time since this is a coated breed and that can be affected by hormones. Dogs altered too young will are more likely to be weedy with a sparse coat. Any person that becomes unable to care for one of my puppies for any reason, at any point in time is welcome to return the Silken Windhound puppy to me, for whatever reason. I'd rather have the pups come home to me, than be in an uncertain situation.

Please fill out an new owner application and submit it to me so that I can get to know you better!

If you are wondering about the process of getting a silken puppy from Tangaloor, please see the FAQ.

I'm available by phone or email for anyone interested in a Silken Windhound puppy or who has questions about a puppy they have purchased from me. However, given the nature of my job it may take ome time to get back to you by email. If you include a phone number I'm more easily able to get back to you on my next day off.



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